Wallpaper Removal

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Giving your rooms a unique and fresh look is as easy as applying wallpaper to them.
As time goes by however, that look can become outdated.
Replacing or totally removing it can be a hassle and time consuming process.
It’s really a job that’s best left to professionals like Top Shelf.




Wallpaper removal requires having the right tools, a wallpaper steamer, special solvents,and the know-how to accomplish the task.

Wallpaper is a finicky item. Sometimes it comes off easy, sometimes not. You never really know until the process has begun.
Will there be huge sections of wallpaper that just refuse to come off the wall?
Will there be damage left on the walls as the wallpaper comes off?

Depending on the type of material used in manufacturing it, fabric, vinyl coating, etc., depends on what method will be used for removing it.
Also complicating the process is how the wallpaper was applied to the wall.
Was it applied to a fresh drywall surface that was primed?
Was it applied directly over another layer of wallpaper?
Was it applied over a wood surface?
Any of the many improper application instances can cause issues when it is being removed.

If your abilities permit, you could try and do the job yourself. Or you could contact the professionals at Top Shelf to perform the task.
We have the know how to get the job done, even when their is complications and problems that arise.


Separating seams?
Curling ends?
Bubbing or peeling issues?
Yellowing appearance?

Those are all good reasons to want to remove the old wallpaper.

By getting rid of the old wallpaper and creating a new smooth painted surface,
should you desire something different in the future, it’s as easy as a repainting job.




Removing the old wallpaper is always a multi-step process.
The professionals at Top Shelf Painting are able to get it done quickly, without any damage to your walls.

Here’s the steps we utilize to remove old wallpaper:

~ We prep the wallpaper surface by spraying it down with a non-toxic solution until it’s fully saturated.

~ Then we carefully remove it utilizing a wallpaper removal tool to gently lift the paper which avoids damaging your walls.

~ The residue is washed and cleaned.

~ Wallpaper will be vacuumed up leaving no mess.

~ The wall condition underneath is determined once the paper is removed.

~ Surface repairs are performed for any imperfections. A skim coat is applied and sanded making the surface perfectly flat.

~ Primer is applied to the wall.

~ We paint it per the color of your choice.



When you’re ready to take down that dated wallpaper, we’re ready to help!
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