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One of the simplest and fastest ways of grooming up a tired kitchen is by painting your cabinets. It is worth noting that painting your cabinets is a meticulous process that needs careful consideration to detail. Should you replace your cabinets with new ones or just paint them? In this particular article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of painting your kitchen cabinets.

Benefits Of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets



The most evident benefit of painting your kitchen cabinets over replacing them is the cost involved. You will save a great amount of money when you paint as opposed to replacing. It will cost you a one-third to one-half of the cost to paint instead of installing new cabinets or refinishing. If you want to make an economic decision, then painting is the ideal choice.


Style And Condition

It’s crucial also to consider the present style and condition of your cabinets. If the woodwork is in good condition and you love the style, then there is no reason to invest in major changes. Paint may just present that miracle you want. The painting will also offer you the chance to select from a broad range of colors to complement your current d├ęcor perfectly. You will get the opportunity to create a more distinctive look with the high-end products used by interior painting experts. When done properly, painted cabinets just look like new ones. You will be amazed by the outcome, and your friends will not believe you when you tell them they weren’t replaced you just added a fresh coat of paint.


You Get Money To Spend On Other Things

Even if you are not being forced to make the most economical choice, painting remains a good alternative since it provides you with more cash to spend on other things. Buying new cabinets and installing them can cost you nearly half of the budget for your kitchen remodeling. Cutting the costs will give you an opportunity to do additional things on your renovation project, like upgrading your countertops or flooring or buying the topnotch appliances you need.


Minimal Disruptions

Ripping off the old cabinets and installing new ones can be a very challenging project. Most probably it may cause some interference with your family activities and make it hard to use your kitchen as usual. Painting, however, is less invasive and fast to finish.

Drawbacks Of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets


Painting May Not Be Suitable For All Cabinets

The decision to replace or paint your kitchen cabinets largely depends on their present shape, so painting might not be a wise decision for all cabinets. If the cabinets are chipping off, warped, or showing other forms of damages, painting them will not give you a solution to the problem. Most people often fail to acknowledge this and still go ahead to paint the cabinets and eventually get disappointed with the outcome.


Inconsistencies From Rollers, Paint Sprayers And Brushes

If you are painting the cabinets on your own, the exercise will involve rollers and paintbrushes to paint any surface. Nevertheless, these tools may end up leaving marks that will continually stand out to your kitchen cabinets. For this reason, it’s wise to consider using a paint sprayer. Nonetheless, you may not only end up using more paint, but you are also prone to make errors since you haven’t used one previously.



Everyone with painted kitchen cabinets understands that much more cleaning in involved, and especially if you select a lighter color. Even though painting is good in due course, it also means you will need to spend more of your time on maintenance of the cabinets than your daily routine.


Painting Involves Lots Of Detail Work

If the condition of your kitchen cabinets is good to paint, the hugest drawback you will encounter is the painting process itself.
The process involves:

  • Removing all the door hinges and taking out the drawers
  • Labeling each item to help you remember its location
  • Cleaning thoroughly to remove stains and dirt
  • Sanding the surfaces to remove paint surface or old stains
  • Priming
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint (maybe multiple coats)
  • Placing back the doors and the drawers

This process is not only long to take a Macomb County painter with no experience numerous days, but missing any of the steps can give you mediocre results.

The decision to paint your cabinets or not is ultimately upon you. Nevertheless, if you decide against it, there are options. Re-facing your kitchen cabinets is another alternative that offers you a fresh look, and are easier to clean than painted ones.