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Painting an Oakland County Michigan residential house is a labor of love for most. We all strive for a beautiful home with colors that match with our décor and furniture. We use warm colors that make our private spaces cozy and stylish. For a durable, high-quality painting job, it’s recommended to hire an expert painter to transform your walls from bland to bright. For a brilliant paint job use this checklist.


The first step is to get an estimate of what the entire project is going to cost. Most painters will offer free no obligation estimates. You can also come up with your own, factor in all the equipment and paint you will need. Estimate the quantity of paint, primer, base coat you will need. Will you be buying brushes, rollers, and ladders? Starting without an estimate is a recipe for disaster. Some people abandon painting halfway because they did not anticipate the high costs. Comparing estimates from different vendors also helps you to select the most affordable. Compare paint prices of different brands. Take advantage of discounts where applicable. Compare the cost of buying versus renting equipment.


Function of the room

A typical home has different rooms each serving a specific purpose. Unlike in the past when we used cream or white for all the rooms, that has changed. A high traffic room, for example, requires paint that is easy to clean and durable. If you have kids, you also have to select colors that can conceal dirt.



What is your intended outcome? How do you want the room to look like? Do you want a hotel ambiance or beachy feel? Different colors can create different moods; can be playful, calm, relaxing. Knowing what you want the interior to be like helps you or the contracted painter to advise on the right colors.



It may seem very convenient to select colors off a color chart. Some will even choose a color on an online platform. This saves you time and resources which you would otherwise have used to go to a paint shop. Avoid this shortcut, when getting paint for your interior. Most vendors offer free samples or sell them at a low price. Apply the small samples on the wall to have a picture of how the paint will be. What may look great on the can may not be as appealing on the wall. Imagine spending a lot of money and not being satisfied with the outcome.



When you contract a painter, usually you don’t have to worry about brushes and rollers, they bring their equipment. But if painting your inner walls yourself then you need to get the right and most efficient tools. They may not be as modern as the painter’s, but they get the job done. Rollers cover more space faster compared to brushes. You don’t paint often; it may be more cost-effective to hire rather than buy equipment.



When you hear painting, the only thing that usually comes to mind is applying a fresh coat of paint on walls. Interior painting goes beyond the walls; it may include ceilings, mantles, fireplace, bookshelves, doors, window panes, cabinets and crown moldings. Decide if your painting work covers all the areas of the house and then buy the right paint and varnishes for the different surfaces. It may also include damaging repaired surfaces before painting.



Choose the right color combination for different parts of your Oakland County Michigan home; kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, and bedrooms. Do you want a modern chic look or a classic yet beautiful color scheme? Do not be afraid of using bold colors, tastefully used they make your house stunning. Use lighter shades to make space appear larger and dark colors in large spaces with high ceilings. Consider your current décor and furniture. What’s the color of your curtains; will it match with the new paint?



Just like exterior walls, interior walls also require being prepped before painting. This ensures an even surface and the paint will last longer. Fix any cracks and remove dirt, dust, and wallpapers. Strip the walls bare; remove curtains, any wall hangings, pictures, switch outlets, lights. Cover floors and tiles and move furniture to the center of the room to prevent paint from dripping on them


Painting and Cleaning up

Use high-quality paint, primers, and supplies for dazzling results. Mix the paint according to manufacturer’s instructions. Clean up after you finish, and dispose of all the debris. Return the house to its original state.



If contracting a painter, ensure they have insurance to protect you from any liabilities and also compensate you in case of any damages.